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1629 K st and 1050 17'th st are two blocks from the white house and a block from Farragut Square metro. You are in the central business district and a DC Hubzone.
OSI is the oldest continuously operated business center under one ownership in the United States, having started under the corporation entitled Washington Office, Inc, in 1981.

The company was initially organized to provide Washington support services for out-of-town attorneys, by C. Jack Pearce. Pearce is an anti-trust attorney who served in the United States Department of Justice and the White House Office of Consumer Affairs , prior to entering private practice. It soon became clear that the support services were useful for Washington Area attorneys as well as attorneys from more outside the area.

Pearce’s next logical step was to invite firms of other types to use the office support systems. Today, OSI serves businesses of all types needing downtown temporary and shared office support, from start-ups to well established companies; small to substantial.

Virtual On-Demand Offices

Though the firm started as one of the first ‘virtual offices’, or on-demand offices, it has developed full time, exclusive use office capabilities, providing clients with growth paths. With the affiliation of Source Office Suites, OSI can also assist clients in arranging temporary shared and virtual office support throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

As business developed, OSI expanded its technical capacities. OSI provides sophisticated communication capacities, which integrate well with ‘mobile officing’, branch officing, home officing, and the more traditional forms of office operations.

The company has maintained its Farragut Square location, near the White House, throughout its history. Through steady growth and continuing attention to economical, efficient operation, OSI has come to offer a unique combination of services, with a central location in the Nation’s capitol.

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