Widely flexible

OSI offers unparalleled flexibility, built on underlying simplicity.
The OSI systems are, at bottom, very simple, but they can be combined and modified so as to give you extraordinary flexibility.
  • Start up is simple -- fill out the online form , scan a printout of a form to us, or engage us in a phone or in person interview, and you get a certificate of occupancy, a lease-form document recording your access to office space, access to our member account management system, an understanding as to payment arrangements, and you are on your way. In one day.
  • Length of service is simple -- month to month; but if you want a longer term you can specify it, and if it is accompanied by prepayment of several months you get a payment discount.
  • The services contracted for are in simple elements -- but you can combine them in whatever arrangement meets your needs.
We offer office space, as needed, or exclusive use. If you want to prepay some monthly on-demand office use, we have a variety of plans ranging from 3 to 16 hours per month, alone or in combination with phone or mail services, with additional hours available for only $12 per hour. If you were to specify that you want as your primary service just mail or phone service, you can still use offices as needed, at our $18 per hour rate. And if you want 7/24 exclusive use of a specified office, we can do that too. And that can come with mail and phone support as well.

If you want phone service, we can provide that, with an automatically forwarded phone number, or a live-answered phone number, with a relay of the live-answered phone wherever you want. All is programmable and modifiable as needed. And all phone service comes with a voicemail system which emails you both a sound file and a text message. Start simple, but with choices.

If you want a mailing address, with a mailbox, done. But we can also scan the surface of incoming mail and packages, and can email the scan to you. We can also forward the mail at least twice weekly. We give you a client portal which allows you to go online and direct us to scan you the contents of incoming letter mail. And remember, with just the mail service, you get access to the offices when you need them.
If you want to have an all-day- everyday, 7/24 office, we have them.

We offer some pre-configured, packages -- but we can work with you to tailor them.

Modifying your plan is simple and easy -- just go online through your member portal, email, us or phone us. You can go from any plan to any other plan. Everything is month to month, and multiple choice, so to speak.

Paying is simple and easy -- paypal, check, credit card, debit card, automatic payment, monthly self initiated payment, prepayments; by use of your client portal, mail, dropping the the office -- you name it.

Account Administration is simple and easy -- Just use your online portal, to make appointments, make payments, review account records, modify the account, from anywhere at any time. Or call us, or email us, or visit with our friendly staff.

Bottom line, you are in charge, you have options, and it is all easy to manage -- Configure the system you want to start with. Modify it as needed. We will work with you every step of the way, to give you the best combination available at any given time, and modify it to meet your changing needs as they develop.

Our most common packages.

Starter package
K Street Farragut Square address, mail service, DC phone number with voicemail to email messaging, email notification of mail received.
Included for free is the digital mail package.
Comprehensive package
This plan includes all the fundamental components to have fully functional office support. Mail and phone service with 16 hours of office space included.
$12 for each additional hour over 16 hours.