OSI -- the Safer Meeting Space
What makes OSI different than our competitors, especially in the time of a circulating virus?
  • Office spaces safer than our competitors. Each office has UVC light virus suppression, the reception area has automated temperature reading stations and a kiosk check-in. The bathroom has hands free faucets. Check out additional safeguards below.

  • Network with over a thousand other clients. The longest running office space in Washington D.C, with the biggest membership. See Below.

  • Your mail can be digitized so that you receive it quicker. We can also forward out mail on the day it is received.

  • All new full time offices include a Patronus Space UVC cleaning system and HEPA air filter.

  • OSI helps your business get off the ground by providing certificates of occupancy and other materials establishing your contractual right to use fully furnished, fully equipped, private office space in a properly zoned downtown business office building.

  • Ease of use. You can reserve space, review scanned mail, pay your bill, control all aspects of your DC business space all from your phone or desktop.

Safer. OSI has matched up to the public criteria for safe officing, and exceeded them. We require masking, limit meetings to ten or less participants, have hand sanitizers, have facilities for handwashing, and require social distancing in the suite. Our building operator has social distancing requirements and traffic flow arrangements, and hand sanitizers, and turns over the air in the building every 24 hours. In addition to this, OSI has arrangements for air filtering, air circulation and air disinfection in the common spaces and in our office on demand offices. And in addition, we have a system to use computer controlled ultraviolet light between office uses and in the evenings to suppress any bacteria or viruses in the air or on surfaces in the premises.

The country is in the process of opening up needed commercial and personal activities, while reducing the possibilities of virus transmission to the extent feasible. Accordingly, OSI has put in place a number of safeguards, as a part of its best efforts to serve both goals. These include the following. 

Each office has an UVC light designed to quickly disable viruses of the Covid-19 type, whether in the air or on a surface. This is used between appointments and in the evening to help sterilize the office.     

Each office is equipped with an HEPA air purifier with an internal UVC light for air disinfection.  

Our building operator provides enhanced daily cleaning building infrastructure and offices, including  ‘high touch points” ( for example door  handles, elevator buttons, desktops in on- demand offices, etc).    

The air in the building is recycled every 24 hours.

We have hands free faucets in the restrooms.

Face masks are required in all public spaces.

Within the suite, there is a kiosk check-in station, so that checking in for a meeting  appointment  can be made without human contact.

We request and enforce “Social Distance” seating.

Our appointment system is programmed to have a 30 minute buffer time between appointments. During this buffer the room is sterilized with UVC light.

And, of course, all clients are prohibited from coming to the office if they have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and have not successfully completed a treatment protocol, and prohibited from inviting to the office any other person who has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and has not successfully completed a treatment protocol.

Please also note that until further notice no more than ten persons can be invited to use our conference room, 

Networking. Office use may be curtailed for while, but the need for networking is as great as or greater than before COVID. OSI has over a thousand clients with whom you can network digitally, just by entering your company’s name, product or services and contact information in our searchable member database. Our clients offer a wide range of professional services, including but not limited to legal, health related and consultative services. See and be seen more. So get your desired mail, phone, or office service, in any combination, simply by becoming an OSI Member, and then at no cost enter your networking data, and search the membership for any service or products needed.

Streamlined business mail. Yes, we have very low cost mail services. But what happens then? We forward mail to our clients daily, not weekly or monthly. And you need not wait to pick up your mail or for postal forwarding. We can scan the face of envelopes and packages, email you the scan on the day the mail is received, and even open envelopes and scan the contents to you at your direction.Time is money, and always has been. Ask about our digital mail services.