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OSI Offices offers the best prices, the most flexibility and a top K St. location. OSI has been around for over 30 years; we pride ourselves on being some of the best and most efficient office suites in the area with clear pricing. We provide you with the perfect blend of temporary, virtual, co-working and shared office support services needed to help you start, grow, maintain or expand your organization in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our spaces for meetings are available mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even weekends. Our communication infrastructure provides phone, internet, email, voicemail, scanning & call relay services.

  • OSI Office Building
    OSI office building
  • OSI Large Conference Room
    Large conference room
  • OSI Lobby Lounge Areas
    Comfortable lounge areas
  • OSI Window Office
    Window offices available
  • OSI Cubicle Space
    OSI cubicle space
  • OSI Large Conference Room
    Large conference room.

Client Testimonials

“OSI has met the business needs of my law practice for almost 15 years. The office services are both comprehensive and reliable. The staff is well-trained and unfailingly courteous The handling of the mail and deliveries is dependable. My clients have commented favorably on the facilities and quality office quality.”
Chris Leflore Esq., CLIENT

Client Testimonials

“OSI has been instrumental in building my psychology practice for nearly 10 years. I started with hourly office use; graduated to a shared office space; and for the past few years have my own private full-time office. The quality and array of services along with the flexibility of plans are invaluable.”

Diane Kern, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, CLIENT

Client Testimonials

“I have performed European and African international law, have had an office presence in the K Street Corridor since 1976, and have used OSI for over 15 years because it has provided by far my best experience.”
John Floyd III, Esq, CLIENT

Client Testimonials

“As a clinical psychologist, I can say that OSI provides exactly what I need . They provide great locations, professional office suites, flexibility, dependability, good friendly professional service with individualized attention; not to mention the best rates in Washington, DC. This is why I have been with them for over 20 years.”
Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D. Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant, CLIENT

Client Testimonials

“For more than two decades, Jack Pearce and OSI Inc. have provided excellent professional service to my firm, Lasley & Associates. With the assistance and professional service of OSI Inc. I have been able to maintain a vibrant criminal law and civil rights practice. I have advanced several major civil and human rights initiatives – especially the Height-Mandel (Tambo) leadership institute for civil and humanitarian rights, and Houstonian jurisprudence. Thanks Jack.”
Michael Lasley Esq., CLIENT