The longest running, most efficient, and most sophisticated executive suite in the United States
Celebrating the 41'st anniversary this year!
OSI Offices offers the best prices, the most flexibility and a top K St. location. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for our clients' needs.

Current Special
$35 for the first six months of mail service. 50% off the starter package for the first six months.

Fully professional
Office space in D.C.

We can help your business get off the ground by providing certificates of occupancy and other materials establishing your office space in a hubzone.

Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Office Space Provider in Washington DC

With exceptional added value.

Key Features

Clear pricing
We don't hide our pricing. Click here to see a range of options with pricing for each.
Easy entry
Unlike other facilities we do not charge and an ‘installation fee’, deposits or other office impediments to starting up.
You Are in Charge
If you don't see a combination that fits, call or email us and discuss the combination of services you want. Everything is month to month and tailored to need.
Key downtown locations
1629 and 1627 K st N.W. are two blocks from the white house and a block from Farragut Square metro. You are in the central business district and a DC Hubzone.

Easy Officing and access

Powerful portal
You may be amazed. You can reserve offices, pay your invoices, view your received mail, modify your account data, are more. Come on in and let us show you how you can manager your office from anywhere in the world.
Adapted to the Digital World
Make snail mail into email. Voicemail messages are transcribed and emailed. Professional quality video conferencing equipment in the meeting rooms. All records easily available. Administer your office from your laptop.
Evening and weekend hours.
The office is open until 9 p.m. on weekdays and 6 p.m. on Saturdays. For established clients in good standing the office is available 24 hours a day.

Tailored for Professionals and Startups

Program for mental health professionals
Join more than 150 other mental health professionals. Start your practice for $35 a month. Use office services without other unnecessary services.
Geared for startups.
Easy entry, easy growth, easy adaptations. Full and virtual office services.
“Virtual business” office.
Marry the Mobile World and a Washington D.C. Base Point. Every aspect of your business can be managed from your phone. DC Office space on demand as well as any combination of mail and phone services.
Adapted for attorneys
We can scan mail, email messages, give you telephone and other use records and publish your credentials to support networking among hundreds of attorneys and potential clients.

Popular Packages

Extensive options Click here
Prepaid Office Use Membership
Three hours of office use per month. (No mail address or mail service)
$14 for each additional hour
Starter package
K Street Farragut Square address, mail service, Two hours of office use per month, additional hours at $14, DC phone number with voicemail to email messaging, email notification of mail received.
Includes additional options without charge for attorneys
Business Address, Mail, And More
Business address, documentation supporting business licensing. Mail handled every day. Optional digital scanning and forwarding of mail
$5/mo for forwarding. Office use at $18 per hour.
Comprehensive package
This plan includes all the fundamental components to have fully functional office support. Mail and phone service with 16 hours of office space included.
$14 for each additional hour over 16

About OSI

OSI is the oldest continuously operated business center under one ownership in Washington DC, having started under the corporation entitled Washington Office, Inc, in 1981.

The company was initially organized to provide Washington support services for out-of-town attorneys, by C. Jack Pearce. Pearce is an anti-trust attorney who served in the United States Department of Justice and the White House Office of Consumer Affairs , prior to entering private practice. It soon became clear that the support services were useful for Washington Area attorneys as well as attorneys from more outside the area.

Pearce’s next logical step was to invite firms of other types to use the office support systems. Since that time OSI has paced and lead office evolution in the United States. Today, OSI serves businesses of all types needing downtown temporary and shared office support, from start-ups to well established companies; small to substantial.

On Demand, Virtual Office in DC Space

OSI offices are more than “Virtual”, we have extensive capabilities built into all officing arrangements with OSI. The firm started as one of the first ‘virtual offices’, or on-demand offices, it has developed full time, exclusive use office capabilities, providing clients with growth paths. With the affiliation of Source Office Suites, OSI can also assist clients in arranging temporary shared and virtual office support throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

As business developed, OSI expanded its technical capacities. OSI provides sophisticated communication capacities, which integrate well with ‘mobile officing’, branch officing, home officing, and the more traditional forms of office operations.

The company has maintained its Farragut Square location, near the White House, throughout its history. Through steady growth and continuing attention to economical, efficient operation, OSI has come to offer a unique combination of services, with a central location in the Nation’s capitol.
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