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Boosting over five thousand businesses into orbit for the past four decades, we've pioneered the art of office space solutions. Nestled in the vibrant pulse of K St. Experience unbeatable pricing and flexible office,mail and business support solutions designed with your growth in mind.

About Us.

Welcome to OSI Offices, the longest-running, most efficient, and peerlessly priced executive suite in the United States. Nestled in the vibrant pulse of K St, just two blocks from the White House and a block from Farragut Square metro, we're at the heart of the central business district and a DC Hubzone. For over four decades, we've been boosting more than five thousand businesses into orbit, pioneering the art of office space solutions designed with your growth in mind.

We understand the need for transparency in business, which is why we offer clear and straightforward pricing, devoid of clandestine charges, setup fees, deposits, or termination expenses. Our services are designed to be accessible and hassle-free; initiation takes just minutes, and you have the freedom to cease at any juncture without incurring fees.

Our history traces back to our founder's antitrust efforts within the White House, shaping our ethos around seamless ingress and egress. As the United States' most enduring executive suite, we attribute our longevity to our unique approach: discerning our clients' true needs, refraining from overselling, and striving to offer superior quality at the most cost-effective price point. Over the past 43 years, we've catered to more than five thousand clients, and the trust reflected in our testimonials stands testament to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

We cater to a diverse range of professions such as law, mental health, non-profit organizations, home healthcare, government contractors, along with an expansive array of novel startups. Our tailored packages include:

  • Attorneys: Harness the power of our comprehensive services designed to empower your legal practice. We facilitate networking opportunities among a vast community of esteemed attorneys and potential clients by publishing your credentials
  • Mental Health Professionals: Join our esteemed community of over 150 mental health professionals and embark on your practice with ease
  • Startups: Experience seamless entry, effortless scalability, and adaptable solutions tailored to your evolving needs.
  • Mobile professionals: Unite the dynamic mobile world with a solid base in Washington D.C. Seamlessly manage every facet of your business directly from your phone.


Cultivating Progress: Partnering with You for Business Growth

Private office spaces

Our offerings are vast and versatile, ranging from compact, intimate offices that provide a private setting for focused work, to professional K Street window offices that offer an impressive backdrop for your critical meetings. For larger gatherings or multimedia presentations, our state-of-the-art conference rooms are well-equipped with modern media systems, ideal for video conferencing or podcast recording.

We place the booking power right in your hands. Whether you choose to reserve your workspace via our robust and user-friendly online portal accessible from your phone or tablet, or prefer a personalized touch by speaking directly with our dedicated staff, we ensure the process remains seamless and efficient.

Our commitment to affordability is reflected in our competitive pricing structure. At a rate of just $14 per hour, you gain access to quality workspaces without overstretching your budget. We also acknowledge the necessity for flexible standing reservations and cater to this requirement with ease.

Customized Phone & Mail Arrangements

At OSIOffices, we understand that in today's fast-paced world, efficient communication systems are crucial for any thriving business. With this in mind, we've designed our comprehensive mail and phone services to streamline your workflow, maintain your connectivity, and ensure you never miss a critical message.

For our mail services, we offer a daily forwarding option tailored to your preferences, whether that be UPS or overnight delivery. Not just that, we take modern correspondence a step further with our cutting-edge surface mail scanning feature. Each time you receive a letter, we scan it and provide you with the option to have the contents of the letter scanned as well.

To help manage your correspondence effectively, we equip our scanning service with AI-powered technology, similar to ChatGPT. This technology can generate concise summaries of scanned content, keeping you informed without having to go through extensive details. In addition, if there are specific keywords or phrases that you wish to track, like 'Judge Dearie', or 'Award of contract', we will instantly alert you via text upon receipt of a document containing these keywords. All scanned contents are conveniently emailed to you and stored in your online portal for easy access.

Our phone services are equally comprehensive. We assign you your own private number and give you the option of having your line live answered. Depending upon your specified conditions, we can forward incoming calls to your cell phone or other numbers. If a voicemail is left, we transcribe it and promptly email the transcription to you. This ensures that you stay connected, even when you're not directly available.

Business services

At OSIOffices, we're more than just a virtual office space - we're your one-stop-shop for a host of business services designed to fuel your enterprise's success. From incorporation assistance to setting up bank services and government contracts, our tailored lease options cater to your unique needs, navigating through regulatory requirements with ease.

Need to deliver certified documents to your clients? We're there for you, ensuring your important documents reach their destination when your clients show up. Our on-site amenities include state-of-the-art copy, printing, fax, and scanning capabilities, offering you the convenience of managing your paperwork all in one place.

And for those quick tasks or last-minute print jobs, our 'drive by' computer bar provides a handy spot to work on and print out documents. It's just another way we're committed to supporting your business every step of the way. Choose OSIOffices - where our business is to help your business thrive.

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Unparalleled Value: Unmatched Pricing

Our most common plans

Prepaid Office Use Membership

$35per month

  • Three hours of office use per month.
  • $14 for each additional hour.
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Comprehensive Plan

$165per month

  • Sixteen hours prepaid office use.
  • K Street Farragut Square address.
  • Mail service.
  • DC phone number. With voicemail to email transcribed messaging.
  • Mail surfaces are scanned and emailed upon receipt, with the additional service of content scanning available upon request.
  • Lobby Listing
  • We offer the service of acting as your registered agent.
  • We provide a convenient curbside delivery service for your mail directly to your vehicle.
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