About the member portal

With the member portal one can seamlessly orchestrate all facets of your enterprise with ease and precision.

  • Manage the OSI digital enhancements
  • View the current room bookings for a particular room or all OSI offices.
  • Digitally view all your received mail and request for documents to be opened and scanned.
  • Individually forward any piece of mail to anywhere with your choice of shipping speeds.
  • For all OSI 'on demand' offices view a list with their picture and a description.
  • Search and book an available office that is free on a given date that meets your criteria.
  • Get a history of all payments made to OSI.
  • Make an instant online payment with your credit card.
  • View and print your current bill.
  • If you are an attorney enter details of your practice for referrals from OSI clients looking for an attorney.
  • Publish your company information to be accessible to the > 1,000 other OSI members.
  • Leave a message to the manager and OSI Staff on how we can help your business.
  • Links to useful documentation such as the buildings certificate of occupancy, postal forms etc..
  • See a history of your received calls if you have subscribed to phone service
  • View and change details of your account.

Images of the portal:

Portal sample menu
Office Space Portal Client Menu
Finding an available office
OSI portal client image
List of received mail
Virtual mail digital mail image
Options on a mail piece.
Virtual mail service client mail image