Clearly stated, no setup fees, no termination fees, no term requirements.

Ancillary Services
OSI is always striving to expand our range of useful service packages. Unlike other facilities we do not charge and an ‘installation fee’ for additional services and include ancillary items such as free voicemail to email integration, voicemail transcription, instant business notifications and personalized banking. Every plan with OSI allows unrestricted access to the business equipment within the suite. Such equipment and services include:
Additional Office Time
$14-20 per hour billed in 30 minute increments.
Conference room surcharge.
$4 surcharge per hour for the small conference room, $8 for the large conference room.
Lobby Listing
$10 per month
Occupancy permit.
Free. Requires a suitable service package.
Digital Mail
$15.00 per month. To scan the contents $2.00 per envelope. $0.10 per page after 6 pages
Mail Forwarding
$5 per Month and Postage + 25%
Emailing faxes as a pdf file
$10 per month
Evening access card
$15 one time charge.
Phone calls
.35 cents per call over 50 calls inbound
Phone relay
$20 per month
Additional Individual phone line
$20 per month
Included with phone packages. Voicemails are digitally transcribed and emailed to your organization.
Instant notification of any business activity.
Order taking
Quoted per job.

Full time -- discount office space
Our efficient office systems allow us to offer month to month full time officing at very economical prices.