Instant access to all aspects of your business.

Know instantly when any event affecting your business has occurred.

Digital Mail Management . When an envelope arrives, we scan the exterior image, email it to you, and put the scan into your OSI Portal. Via email and/or the portal you can decide whether we should shred the mail piece, forward it via fedex or USPS, or open it and scan the contents. If you direct us to open and scan, you can then read your mail online. This service will give you 24/7 access to the contents of your mail
  • Your incoming mail’s surface is scanned daily with options to open and scan the contents.
  • You can access your mail with any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • You save time and travel costs as to mail access.
  • Your business responsiveness improves.
  • You get sender details for every item.
  • You get automatic email alert for new items received.
  • You have flexible shipment scheduling.
  • You get savings in shipping mail for which you do not need hard copy.
  • You save paper clutter, by shredding unwanted items immediately.
Instant Notifications . Whenever an event touches your business you can be notified via SMS and/or email. For example you can be notified when:
  • A client of yours appears at the office, if you are away.
  • Any mail is received including a scan of the surface.
  • A package is received with details about the sender
  • Whenever the court serves a notice, a courier package arrives etc..
  • All your voicemails are transcribed to text, converted to a sound file and emailed to you.
  • A fax is received. The fax can be scanned and emailed to you.
Advanced portal access (Included)
Access the most comprehensive executive suite portal in existence. Track your calls, your invoices, view your postal mail, book rooms via your phone, manage your account and schedule, detail the description of your business to the greater that 1,000 other OSI Clients.