Easy Entry

Getting started is simple, fast, and easy.
  • You can click on sign up and you will be immediately enrolled. We will email you a welcome package with details on how to use the service, and we will contact you to confirm your plan choice, get any additional information on your business you would like us to have, and get any additional information on how you want us to service your needs.
  • Or you can call us at 202 600 7777, to get more information, and we will take your call during business hours, or call you back at earliest opportunity. . If you call after business hours, just leave a message that you are interested in signing up, and, again, we will call to follow up.
  • Or you can inquire about our service by filling out the inquiry form and we will send you information by email and call you to answer any questions you may have.
  • Or you may drop by our offices in person, to see the facilities first hand, talk with our staff, define the service plan you need, get your welcome package, and get started immediately. You can set up an appointment by phone, emailing manager@osioffices.com requesting an appointment, or asking for an appointment on the inquiry form.

Thus, If you sign up online with a credit card, you are immediately a member. If you call and we settle on a plan, you will be enrolled immediately. If you drop by the office and settle on a plan, you will be enrolled immediately, If you send us a completed form by email, we will enroll you the same day we receive it, or if it arrives after business hours the next business day. And if you submit an inquiry about our services online, we will send you an email and call you to provide the needed information, so that you can enroll as soon as you choose to do so.

Our most common packages.

Starter package
K Street Farragut Square address, mail service, DC phone number with voicemail to email messaging, email notification of mail received.
Included for free is the digital mail package.
Comprehensive package
This plan includes all the fundamental components to have fully functional office support. Mail and phone service with 16 hours of office space included.
$12 for each additional hour over 16 hours.