Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I determine my costs? Is full information easily accessed? How am I charged for services – on an a’la carte basis or is there a package of services available?

A. We have services offered on an a’la carte basis, and also in packages, to allow flexible tailoring of service to needs. Our charges, basic and ancillary, are stated online and in physical hand-out form, in a simple and direct way allowing one to see the cost of whatever combination one selects, and other possible options.

Q. How does the Service’s charge for incoming and outgoing faxes compare with using a separate e-fax service? (

A. Use of our in-house fax has no monthly service fee and a 50c per page inbound cost. Assignment of a separate number for fax service is $10/mo, with no per page cost. E-fax services typically charge $10-15 per month, plus page count fees.

Q. Can the service email me incoming faxes as an image file?

A. YesQ. Can my company get a DC certificate of occupancy as an 'on demand' client of OSI?

A. Yes, OSI can provide the proper paperwork.

Q. If the service publishes names of tenants, such as on a tenant board in the building lobby, can I get my name there and at what cost?

A. One can get one’s name listed on the building lobby, subject to space availability, for $5/mo.

Q. How will my phone calls be handled? Can I take my calls but refer them to the service as needed? Can I give instructions on how a particular caller is handled? If the service takes my call, can it be sent to my cell or my voice mail? Can I get a .wav file mailed to me of my voice mail message? If so, at what cost?

A. The answer to these questions is yes. Phone calls can be handled in a variety of ways – answered live with a voice mail backup, routed to offsite numbers either by the receptionist or by programming, put in voicemail and held or forwarded by email, routed in one mode at some hours and in other modes at other hours. We can issue multiple numbers if our client has more than one professional or commercial identification or affiliation. We can assign more than one voicemail. Different numbers can be programmed for different handling. One can forward one’s own numbers to the numbers we issue. One can modify phone routing methods by email, phone, or personal contact with receptionists.

Q. What languages does OSI do business in?

A. English & Spanish.

Q. If the service provides my phone and fax numbers, can I take them with me if I end the lease? If so, at what cost?

A. One can take phone and fax numbers with one upon leaving the service. There is no charge for doing so at this time.

Q. What options are there for me to obtain my mail? What is the fastest, most secure method and what will it cost? If you fedexp my mail to me using my Fedexp account, how will you protect my information to be sure it is not used by another tenant.

A. Options for obtaining mail are:

  1. Pickup at office.

  2. Forward twice weekly by post -- $5 per month, plus consumables plus 25%.

  3. Forward by courier company upon request or upon agreed schedule; courier costs plus 25%, or use own courier account Courier account records are kept in a cabinet in a locked area.

  4. Email contents of letters, at $1.00 for the first page, 50c per additional page.

Q. If a person walks into my office without an appointment and asks for me, how is that handled? Will I be called? Does this generate a charge on my account?

A. If someone walks in when our client is not present, we advise that our client sees persons by appointment. Whether we call our client at the time the inquirer appears or not depends upon our client’s preference. We can provide office telephone number to inquirers, but do not disclose our client’s personal numbers without our client’s authorization

Q. Can I see clients off normal hours and on weekends? If so, how do I gain access to space and how will I be charged?

A. Our full time, exclusive use clients can meet their clients 24/7 at no additional charge. Our on- demand clients can see their clients from 8 AM in the morning till 9 PM on weekdays and from 9 to 6 on Saturdays. One has access by access card and password. Charges for office use depend upon the service plan chosen. Lower hourly prices are provided if one chooses a plan with some number of prepaid office hours included in it; somewhat higher but still very competitive charges apply if one chooses a service plan with no prepaid office hours included. There is no surcharge for evening or weekend access.

Q. What policies, procedures and security are in place to protect the security of client information?

A. OSI operates in a building with building security systems to monitor daytime access and control after hour access; OSI has surveillance cameras for its own floor three lobby, its reception area, its manager’s office and its mail area; access to the suite door and to the mail area is visually monitored by regular office hours staff and by an evening manager, and controlled by security card access and camera evening and weekend hours; and lockable mailboxes are available. Meetings are held in rooms with lockable doors. OSI staff are trained to provide physical and information security for clients.

Q. If I use fax, copying or scanning services, is the data read by the machines saved on in any way accessible by anyone else, or is it deleted immediately?

A. Any data stored on a fax or copy machine, by machines using standard copy and fax protocols is accessible only by office staff, and can be deleted at client request.

Q. Is a schedule of open office/conference room space available on line, and can scheduling be done on line? How are cancellations handled?

A. As to scheduling, we prefer to control that by receptionist entries. Reservations can be made by phone or email. Cancellations can be done by phone or email.

Q. Will the office interact with me in a way which supports a paperless office system if I have such a system?

A. OSI is designed to facilitate such systems, and can transmit and receive information by all current forms of electronic transmission.

Q. Is written notice of intent to cancel the lease required? If so, what are the terms?

A. As to on-demand clients cancellation can be done by email or telephone contact. Our office-on- demand agreements are service agreements, terminable at will by either party, unless the client asks for a specific term. No deposits are required, and none are held to secure term requirements. Although we can terminate clients at will, we generally exercise our termination rights for non- payment, conduct detrimental to good order in a shared office environment, or evidence of conduct which is criminal or otherwise injurious to other persons or legal entities.

Q. If someone walks in and asks for me after I have terminated services, how is that handled?

A. We advise the inquirer that the person no longer offices at this location. We provide information on the current address of the client if that is known to us.

Q. What is next door on each side?

A. Starbucks Coffee, McCormick & Schmicks restaurant.

Q. Where are the closest places to park?

A. There are three parking lots within close proximity to 1629 K St.

Q. Where are the closest metro stops?

A. Orange/Blue lines: Farragut West (two blocks) And Red Line: Farragut North (one block)

Q. What is the closest airport to your building?

A. Regan National Airport is approximately 5 miles from 1629 K St. N.W.

Q. Where is the nearest pharmacy/convienence store?

A. CVS at 1025 Connecticut ave.

Q. Where is the nearest post-office?

A. USPS 1050 Connecticut N.W.

Q. Where are the closest banks/ATMS?