Office Space and Services for Attorneys

OSI Offices: The Pioneer of Washington, DC Office Spaces

Since 1981, OSI Offices has continuously offered office space solutions in Washington, DC making it the oldest institution in America to offer virtual mail, office space and shared and hourly office space.

If you are looking to rent office space in Washington, DC, OSI Offices has the location, the friendly staff and the intelligent technology systems to help your business thrive. No matter who you are or what your business does, the company can offer office space solutions according to your particular needs. For more than 40 years, OSI Offices has proven its worth by providing customized office spaces to its valuable clients in the heart of Metro DC, in the K Street corridor, of the downtown Central Business District (CBD). Whether you are a mental health professional, entrepreneur, lawyer or a mobile professional, OSI has built a customized service package with your best interests in mind.

OSI Offices provides a plethora of office space floor plans to choose from; numerous client-focused services on-site and online, both; and everything else a customer could want to accelerate their enterprise. From virtual office space, on-demand office space, temporary office space down to a full-time office space, OSI is the best provider of these services in the Washington, DC area (The CBD as it's known).

OSI Offices: The Most Affordable & Flexible Office Space in Washington, DC

While it is true that there are numerous office space providers in Washington, DC, OSI Offices stands out among the pack providing the best rates in terms of affordability in the city. With OSI's Prepaid Office Space Membership Program, you can now use the on-demand office space with ease for as low as $30 per month. This Prepaid Package, being one of the popular packages OSI offers, includes three hours of monthly use of office space that extends to the A/V-enabled conference rooms. There is no need to worry should you have consumed the allotted three hours with the Prepaid package, as OSI allows for the use of facility space on extended hourly basis. Just add $14 for each additional hour that you use any OSI on-demand office space, which can conveniently be booked through the user-friendly web portal.

One thing that is most admired of OSI Offices by its clients, is the ability to enter a service contract on a month-to-month basis, without need for security deposits! You are not obliged to sign a long term contract with OSI although they are available to valued clients. The reality is that you are free to grow your company as you see fit and can depart at any time without hidden fees.

Take Advantage of OSI's Comprehensive Package for Only $165 per Month

For only $165 per month, you can now have your own office space with all the amenities needed to excel your business to the next level. From telephone lines, fax machines, photocopiers, mail machines to computer stations, all of these are readily available to OSI Offices clients. Moreover, access to fast Internet is also on the top of the list! You can enjoy the blazing fast 100 megabytes per second symmetric fiber access with bliss. On top of these client amenities, there is always a staff of courteous [live] receptionists who are available to answer your calls as needed to support your business. The package includes 16 hours of use in OSI's office spaces, common areas and conference rooms. Additional hours are still available with this package which will be billed on your account at the end of the corresponding month.

OSI: The Technology-Centric Office Space Company

Unlike many office space providers founded in the 1980s, OSI Offices is fully equipped with a robust digital technology infrastructure that makes doing business fast, efficient and effective. OSI boasts its powerful and sophisticated portal system that makes clients lives as easy and as comfortable as possible, on the go, wherever and whenever you need to manage your account. With OSI's technical backbone, you can manage and administer your account from laptops, tablets, handheld devices or from your mobile phone; anytime and anywhere in the world.

There are no geographical limits with regards to this system. You can reserve offices, view your invoices; as well as, read your received e-mails and even pay on your account with OSI's advanced portal system. You can even modify your account data by accessing the portal anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

OSI can also turn a snail mail into an e-mail by scanning the surface of the mail and sending it to the client's account through e-mail to determine if they want further action. A digital copy is then automatically stored in the online portal system. OSI Office clients can then have their snail mail contents scanned and uploaded to the portal by requesting via the portal, by texting OSI, calling OSI or by email; however best suites the needs of the client, anywhere in the world. OSI is one of the only office space providers, uniquely located in Washington DC, providing this snail mail scanning service for its clients located anywhere in the world. Many firms, have found this snail mail OSI service to be a game changer for their operating capabilities.

Voicemail messages can also be tuned into an e-mail. OSI has an advanced system of transcribing voice messages and transforming it to an e-mail. It is a system like no other. Up to this day, it is unparalleled and unmatched by other office space providers, similar to the snail mail technology. These proprietary technologies offered to OSI clients were developed in-house by the owner and operator, Joseph Pearce inspired by his father and OSI Founder, Jack Pearce's, decades of experience leading the DC office space scene.

OSI Offers Virtual, Shared and On-Demand Office Space

The client's needs are of the utmost importance to OSI Offices, its staff and dedicated management team. If an package does not fit the exact needs of a client, OSI is happy to arrange a meeting, discuss the precise needs of the client and create a customized service package that is exactly what they need to accelerate their team to success. Most importantly, rates are affordable and amenities are readily available to the set-up process as simple as possible.

OSI is also the best place to expand your network, set-up shop in the Nation's capital, being conveniently located near the Redline on the Metro in the K-Street corridor of the city's CBD. There are more than 1,200 businesses who tap on OSI as their Washington DC office space provider. If you are a start-up entrepreneur, connecting with OSI is certainly one way to expand your professional network quickly as you grow your fledgling enterprise. OSI has a plethora of successful law firms, mental health professionals and similar companies running around the office each and every day.

OSI Offers Extended Office Hours

Take advantage of OSI's long office hour schedules. Facilities are open from 8 AM to 9 PM during weeks, Mondays thru Fridays; and from 8 AM to 6 PM during Saturdays. For more questions, please call OSI Offices at (202) 600-7777 or e-mail the company directly at