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Marry the Mobile World and a Washington D.C. Base Point.

The advent of affordable, sophisticated equipment capable of generating, duplicating, manipulating, and distributing documents, coupled with the steady decrease in communication costs, has breathed new life into time-honored methods of work. Contemporary terms like "mobile officing," "home-based business," "virtual offices," "telecommuting," or "alternative officing" capture the essence of these practices.

Once upon a time, the office was the definitive workspace for many. Now, the world has become the workspace, with the office serving as one integral part of it. OSI, since its inception, has understood and embraced this transformation, striving to render this office component cost-effective, flexible, and finely tuned to the needs of professionals and organizations in our increasingly mobile global society.

Office Spaces Catering to Businesses of All Sizes Small Business Administration research indicates that the United States is home to over 11 million 'home-based businesses.' More than 50% of new ventures are born at home, and such businesses comprise over half of all firms with fewer than 500 employees. These entities contribute to approximately 10% of the nation's business income, with over 50,000 home-based firms amassing income exceeding one million dollars annually

Large and medium-scale organizations too are embracing mobile and decentralized work arrangements, with millions of Americans exploiting the benefits of 'telecommuting.' Government programs have also started endorsing telecommuting.

Substantial enterprises employ 'hot desk' systems to optimize the use of central office facilities by sharing them on an as-needed basis among mobile workers. The concepts of 'virtual corporations' and 'flat organizations' represent innovative approaches to leveraging affordable communications, mobility, and ingenious organizational design, bypassing the need for heavily centralized hierarchies and colossal, centralized physical infrastructures.

A multitude of organizations, ranging from law, consulting, trading, manufacturing, financial, to information technology, utilize these systems to synchronize their core participants, sales, supply, advisory, and other functions. The benefits are manifold: flexibility, agility, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability.

Office Business Centers (OBCs) have emerged as a private sector innovation, facilitating mobile officing, home-based businesses, telecommuting, and virtual organizational setups. They cater to the needs of home-based businesses by providing professional office facilities and support staff on-demand, accessible literally via a phone call or an email. They allow entities, both large and small, to establish 'branch' offices and facilities with minimal investment. By offering shared, temporary, and virtual office space for mobile professionals in DC, they create a communication nexus for multi-person organizations without the need for long-term leases or heavy investments in infrastructure. They provide startups with 'plug and play' office support, lowering costs, facilitating mobility, and reducing the financial barriers to business organization and growth.

OSI is designed to fulfill all these roles. We accept and relay both physical and electronic communications. We offer on-demand shared, temporary, virtual office space, accessible round-the-clock, throughout the week. Our offices are available on an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Equipped with computers, faxes, copiers, phone equipment and dedicated personnel on-site, we are primed to cater to your immediate and long-term needs. Contact us to explore how our systems can aid your business in expanding its reach, reducing its costs, managing its communications, simplifying its record keeping, and ensuring seamless coordination amongst your team.


"OSI has been an integral part of our construction business over the past 5+ years. The team has always been responsive to our needs and we will continue to partner with them as extended members of the aztec construction LLC family."
Aztec Construction Patrica Moore, President
“I retired from my full time solo private practice as a psychologist but wanted to have office hours on a part time basis. OSI and I worked out an office service plan that fit my needs perfectly, at a very reasonable cost. I have been a very satisfied customer with their services and would recommend OSI to anyone needing part time or permanent office services.”
Joseph Quintano Ed. D. Psychologist